App Development

Acquisition targeting app technology and development companies. Software as a Service (SaaS) offers highly profitable opportunities for the growth of the company.

CAVU and its’ subsidiary kushAmerica will concentrate on the information, education, research and entertainment side of marijuana to build its’ brand. When and only when marijuana is declassified or deregulated will CAVU become a fully integrated marijuana company from seed to sale, which encompasses climate controlled grow facilities, processing, wholesaling, dispensaries and clubs.

Real Estate Investment Trust in Cannabis

Targeting grow facilities with infrastructure and licensing.

Cannabis Sales

Cannabis Sales on the recreational retail or medical level is a highly lucrative industry. More and more states and countries are both legalizing and accepting the benefits of CBD.

Cannabis Farming

Acquisition targeting private grow facilities and hemp farming in the cannabis sector. With the recent signing of the Farm Bill, the future of cannabis farming seems bright.