About Us


An old company with new management, new ideas and in a new field; the information and entertainment space in the fast growing Cannabis sector. The recent acquisition of kushAmerica, Inc. with its mobile applications SoKu (Social Kush), a gamified “chat and chill” application, and MediKu (Medical Kush), a dosage and tracking application for medical marijuana patients, has positioned CAVU to become a leader in the cannabis industry.

Focus on our user base and shareholders

kushAmerica is a social business platform for any entrepreneur or relative business entity currently in or considering to profit from the emerging legal Marijuana marketplace. With data mining mobile app technologies, kushAmerica takes the lead in gathering full market data for both medical marijuana and legal recreational use marijuana. kushAmerica collects and then distributes business market data analytics. kushAmerica provides peer to peer approval, communication, information sharing and community acceptance or disapproval for any products, services or offerings. The businesses that earn community acceptance are provided a funding vehicle through crowd sourcing. It will also be the “Go To” platform for cannabis and hemp users to read the latest relative information about their subject of interest.

Initially, the kushAmerica business model includes the following essential elements:

  • Promotes and helps to sustain legal marijuana and peripheral companies by providing freemium-based web development and networking tools to market businesses.
  • Provides a safe space where users of marijuana come for information, products, services and an online support system.
  • Provides a forum where entrepreneurs in the marijuana community solicit bids and compete for venture capital in the marijuana entrepreneurship arena.
  • Provide ancillary products for sale based on the Amazon model.

In an effort to find solutions for issues and challenges that exist in a new and emerging market, kushAmerica will leverage a “Challenge Board” which exposes issues and challenges faced by those in the marketplace and promotes the drive to find solutions or resolutions within the network. In order to be a successful and worthwhile social site for our users and businesses, kushAmerica will release two mobile applications prior to the official launch of the kushAmerica platform. The first application, SoKu (Social Kush) is a gamified social chat application for legal marijuana users. The second application, MediKu (Medical Kush) is a dosage tracking application for medical marijuana patients and caregivers providing in-depth personal analysis, budget managing recommendations and costs and daily communication for result tracking. These two preliminary applications serve several purposes:

  • To develop a community that will convert users to the kushAmerica platform when launched.
  • To collect anonymous data from legal marijuana users in both the adult use and medical communities allowing us to pre-populate the kushAmerica platform with data and statistical information about the marijuana marketplace. Access to this data and to the community base is attractive to marijuana companies and will drive them to the kushAmerica platform.
  • Provide up front revenues using targeted application advertising and in-app purchases on both the SoKu and MediKu applications.

In essence we will provide premium information and entertainment to our user base, which will in turn drive revenue to increase value for our shareholders and allow the company to grow.

Next Steps…

All of this will require time and additional capital to complete the applications. SoKu is planned for a public release in summer 2019, and MediKu will follow later in the year. We are currently working on some attractive offers, using restricted shares and warrants, for current and new shareholders alike, to raise the necessary capital to complete the programing, roll out the Social Media campaigns, and prepare for our first acquisition. The company will not engage in any type of toxic financing. Management will always do what is in best interest of the company and shareholders as we are common shareholders. At this time we would include the fact that we are not considering or interested in a reverse split.