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Robert E Silver, (“Bobby”) CEO/Chairman/Director


Mr. Silver, a top performer for more then 25 years in Corporate America, spent his years in companies led by some of the greatest self-made entrepreneurs in business. Ballys (Arthur Goldberg), Metro Networks (David Saperstein), Thomson West (Kenneth Thomson) and Compuware (Peter Karmanos).




He expanded his expertise and footprint by leading a Chinese start-up in late 2005 through 2009, learned the language, culture and international business. With the help of two Chinese scientists, Dr. Zhang Chaoming and Dr. Wang Jianrong, he invented an environmental monitoring technology that stills exist today.




Mr. Silver has recently focused on the entertainment industry. He works with a Sprint Cup Nascar driver to secure sponsorships, an athlete turned actor who has appeared in over 50 big budget films, several NFL stars, toured the world with music acts and artists. He has recently produced his own reality show in partnership with STX (Legendary Pictures), which has an agreement to be purchased by a large television network. He currently manages both a 10-year-old actor who stars on the hit CBS show Young Sheldon, and one of the top in-house producers in music today. Most recently, the late Harlan Kleiman, founder of HBO, Nickelodeon and MTV, mentored Mr. Silver. Harlan took Mr. Silver under his wing and gave him the support needed to shape him into becoming a great leader and innovator in today’s business climate.




Robert Demes COO/President/Director




Over the last 35 years Mr. Demes has been a key figure in deploying financial and business skills for a number of Companies that range from small business startups to established publicly traded entities in a myriad of business sectors. During this time he helped deploy capital for many businesses including for natural gas and oil recovery as well as for heavy equipment infra-structure including intimate familiarity with import and export of resources.




Robert has also developed residential and commercial properties throughout South America, Central and North America, as well as worked closely with a number of European companies in a variety of sectors including deployment of cutting edge technology. A former political dignitary for Latin America, Robert was responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in trade including natural resources, heavy equipment, real estate development and tourism on behalf of Costa Rica.




Toi Hershman PRO




Toi is an instructional project manager and designer with more than 16 years of experience. Toi has managed a broad array of projects involving entrepreneurship and business sector education, STEM and technology integration and workforce improvement. She has consulted for for the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurial Learning InitiativeTraining specialization spanning SC, GA, NJ, WV, and KY State Departments of Education as well as the Department of Defense, National Center for STEM Education, EdVenture Group and the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education. A crucial part of her project management experience has been grant writing and management, successfully executing grants for Federal GEAR UP, NSF Grant, Appalachian Regional Commission POWER, Maryland ARC Healthcare, TGKVF and the Ross Family Foundation.




 Shaun Fuller, CTO




Shaun began his development career at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, building educational games that taught STEM concepts to middle school students. He also led the development of several software projects for the Lab, including an energy conservation game in partnership with Duke Energy. After graduating, Shaun worked at the Department of Homeland Security. He was invited to speak about his projects and insights at multiple Microsoft technical conferences, and served as a Mentor to incoming Microsoft college hires.




In 2014, Shaun left Microsoft to start his own software studio, which works with small to medium sized businesses and organizations specializing in developing full-stack web applications and mobile apps. With over a decade of software architecture experience spanning the academic, government, corporate, and non-profit sectors, Shaun has been working on the KushAmerica platform and the SoKu app from Day 1, and was pivotal in creating the architecture, guiding the vision, and leading the development of SoKu.




Aaron Wess, Director of Entertainment




AKA Blue Cheeze, in house producer of Ear Drummer Records, is currently working with artists such as Katy Perry, Rae Sremmurd, Rick Ross, Miley Cyrus and many others. He has created a path and has attracted a plethora of industry leading music artists to assist in the launch and exposing Soku to millions of followers. At the time of this writing, Blue Cheeze produced the #2 downloaded hip hop / rap song “Falling Down” featuring Lil Peep and XXXtenacion.




Andrew Reid, Marketing Director




Andrew’s focus has been at the intersection of Marketing, Music and Technology. As a social media native, Andrew was a part of the first wave of creators that leveraged influencer marketing for brands. Over the past 10 years he has built a community of multi-media producers that have shaped the new media landscape. Engineering campaigns for fortune 100 companies like Anheuser Busch (Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, etc) as well as Caesar’s Entertainment, Converse, and countless Record Labels. Andrew has worked on both the agency and client side leading multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to success.




















Clarisa Strohmeyer of




Clarisa Strohmeyer is the founder and the managing director of Ganjly, a media publisher, Ganjly CBD, a super-aggregator CBD marketplace and the G CBD, a high-quality CBD brand. Clarisa believes in empowering organizations and thought leaders to drive measurable results through game-changing content. She is inspired to write for the right reasons. 


She is an accomplished executive  with domestic and international experience in operations, product distribution, digital marketing and media publishing involving both start-up and growth organizations. An integral part of her experience is being the operations manager for International Business Times Australia and 5 vertical niche sites in Tune Media. Throughout her career, Clarisa has worked with organizations across a wide range of industries — from manufacturing sales, to e-commerce and online news publishing.







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